Monday, 25 August 2014

International Cosplay Day Singapore (ICDS) 2014

Before going on to anything, firstly I would like to thank those who came down to our booth to support us. Special thanks to Alvin of for giving us the booth space to ourselves and Summoner's for letting us make a miniature of their shop (Well....not an exact copy of the actual shop but as a concept).

Display on the right was done by TZW, K.W Designs and me.

Chaos TCG table.
Oops...just realized that we had 2 Amairo Islenauts playmat.

Weiss Schwarz (WS) table

Magic The Gathering (MtG) table
Really like the Sengoku Koihime and  Koiken Otome Revive playmat.

Cardfight Vanguard table

Hatsukoi 1/1 Chaos TCG cards, yay~


Thursday, 7 August 2014

Personal highlights of EOY2014, 2nd and 3rd August

Carousel Project made by TZW, K.W Designs, 天使の日常 & Me
Mentored by

Our full setup!

My 3rd girl, Charlotte Dunois~~ 
I'll give a proper introduction after I'm done with her new hairstyle. I'm probably just being very particular when it come's to my girl's hairstyle. happened to be Honoka's birthday on the last day (3rd August) of EOY2014, so we decided to celebrate her birthday.

And there's that cake I bought haha!

Final setup.

Pureneemo Honoka cutting cake.

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

New necklace~!

 " !!!Congratulation!!!
You have leveled up your Crafting skill! 
You now have access to more blueprints! "

It's my first time making an accessory for one of my girls and it turned out better thanI expected!
The butterfly on the necklace is made from genuine Swarovski Elements. Haha I bet my scarlet princess is really jealous right now, gotta find something of equal value! (>_<);


Monday, 7 April 2014

Hime's new sister has arrived!

Finally! After a long wait since the day I clicked the order button! 
I present to you~ Love Live!'s Scarlet Princess, Nishikino Maki~!! 
I'm glad that they got along quickly. Was worried about Hime, 
thinking that she would be jealous of the new girl...haha!
Selfie with Maki

Good! Very good! Great to see them getting along!

Oh my! That escalated quickly...0_0! the end of the day, I'm a happy man! Did not regret a single thing despite the fact that I pricked my finger once while trying to get her hair and the accessory in place with 2 needles provided in the box. Also, big thanks to those who made this possible! Ah! One last thing before I leave, do watch out for news on my large scale project that I'm working on. It's related to Love Live! and the clue (it's pretty obvious) is in one of the photos below. The project has no deadline neither does it have a release date but all I can say is that it's gonna talk a long time. Might post a progress log up here...I don't really know for sure but I'll see how it goes and plan from there on. I'm determined to complete the project and hopefully be able to present it to everyone...but for now I shall take my leave. Until next time! Bye!


Monday, 23 December 2013

Merry X'mas 2013

Merry Christmas everyone~!

Was real thankful that papa had a decorated tree at home! I look sleepy in the photo?
I had to wake up at 1am to get this shot done and I'M NOT USED TO IT~!!! Gonna get
papa to buy me lots of presents to make it up for it O(≧∇≦)O 

Merry Christmas, papa~! *hugs*

Have a great holiday~Bye~!<3


Monday, 25 November 2013

Nana Mizuki Live Circus+ live stream @ SG

Guess what! Me and papa went to watch the live stream of Nana Mizuki Live Circus+ @ Shaw Lido, Orchard Road, which was screened live in Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Thailand and our very own Singapore yesterday and the live itself was held in Taipei. 
We met up with papa's friends in the afternoon for lunch along with slmka's Mia and her papa. After 4 hours or so, it was time to get ready to enter the theater. As soon as everyone was in the theater and settled down, one of the RGG crew members from Nana Mizuki Singapore's Unofficial Fanclub started a Nana call by shouting "SE-NO!" and everyone followed by shouting "Ichi, Ni, San, Shi, Go, Roku, NANA!!" and after a while, it's show time!! Even though it was just a live stream, that did not stop fans from pulling out their lighsticks and started cheering as it was a live in front of them. It was such an awesome evening, hope I get to see Mizuki-san someday (Papa did not bring me to AFASG this year, not fair!!).
The photo below was shot before the live started with me, Mia and petit Fate.Tesstarossa.Harlaown.


Monday, 9 September 2013

To Redang Island with my little girl from 6/9 - 8/9

Took a 3D2N cruise to Redang Island with Hime on the 6th of September. All I did on the cruise was literally eat and sleep. Well...the minute I got to the beach, it isn't as nice as it used to be. The beach is filled with dead corals and "blue sand" (Ostracods also know as Firefleas/Sea firefly) which is only visible when the moon is out, was gone due to the contamination of sun block lotion which killed mostly all of them as the island became more and more popular due to a film that was shot there. But the water is still as clear as ever. You'll be able to see fish tons of fishes just by standing knee-deep into to the water (and keep still).