Monday, 25 November 2013

Nana Mizuki Live Circus+ live stream @ SG

Guess what! Me and papa went to watch the live stream of Nana Mizuki Live Circus+ @ Shaw Lido, Orchard Road, which was screened live in Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Thailand and our very own Singapore yesterday and the live itself was held in Taipei. 
We met up with papa's friends in the afternoon for lunch along with slmka's Mia and her papa. After 4 hours or so, it was time to get ready to enter the theater. As soon as everyone was in the theater and settled down, one of the RGG crew members from Nana Mizuki Singapore's Unofficial Fanclub started a Nana call by shouting "SE-NO!" and everyone followed by shouting "Ichi, Ni, San, Shi, Go, Roku, NANA!!" and after a while, it's show time!! Even though it was just a live stream, that did not stop fans from pulling out their lighsticks and started cheering as it was a live in front of them. It was such an awesome evening, hope I get to see Mizuki-san someday (Papa did not bring me to AFASG this year, not fair!!).
The photo below was shot before the live started with me, Mia and petit Fate.Tesstarossa.Harlaown.



  1. Hello!! I just found your blog and am now a follower! I love it! I collect Pure Neemo and DD too... I made a little button for your blog in my sidebar... but if you already have a button, please let me know and I'll replace it! (I couldn't find one!)

    1. Sorry for the late reply. m(_ _)m
      Cool blog you have there~ Such lovely girls you have there ^_^ (I've add a link for your blog on my side bar too (Sorry, not sure how to do those fancy ones. Hope this will do m(_ _)m ).